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Answers Dog Food Reviews – Dogs Naturally

Answers Pet Food is a family-owned pet food company based in Eastern Pennsylvania. The company recently made news in the pet food world with a major management reorganization. Information on the website supports their past practices that are outlined in our Answers dog food reviews below.  Answers sources and manufactures raw whole foods with fermented […]

Vital Essentials Dog Food Reviews – Dogs Naturally

Vital Essentials Dog Foods are made at their own facilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Vital Essentials brand was launched in 2009. The family-owned parent company, Carnivore Meat Company, was established in 2012.  Vital Essentials makes single protein raw frozen and freeze dried foods, treats and snacks for dogs and cats. All the products are […]

Genetic Diseases In Dogs – Dogs Naturally

Unsurprisingly, DNA can play an essential role in canine disorders. After all, a dog’s DNA influences not only his physical characteristics but also his exposure to various diseases that might affect dogs throughout his lifespan. Before listing some prevalent genetic diseases in dogs, we must accept that many of these issues are largely connected with […]